Nation-wide Celebration of Durga Puja with Creative Eco-Friendly Theme Pandal

Navratra: Celebrating Nation-wide in many ways of honoring the multiple forms of Mother Goddess with their rituals and ceremonies.

भारत नवरात्रि मना रहा है, जो दो शब्दों से मिलकर बना है – नव ’जो कि नौ है, और रत्रि’ जिसका अर्थ रात है और रावण पर राम की जीत का जश्न मनाने के लिए मनाया जाता है। नवरात्र के 9 दिनों में 9 दिव्य देवी की पूजा की जाती है। पारंपरिक पोशाक पहने हुए महिलाएं नवरात्रा समारोह में गरबा करती हुईं। भक्त अपनी प्रार्थना करते हैं और देवी का आशीर्वाद मांगते हैं।

India celebrating the Navratri, which is made up of two words — ‘nav’ which nine, and ‘Ratri’ which means night and is observed to celebrate the victory of Rama over Ravana. The 9 days of Navratri is worshiping the 9 divine Devi’s. Women wearing traditional attire performing ‘Garba ‘during Navratra celebrations. Devotees offer their prayers and seek blessings of Devi.

Durga Puja 2019: Street Food One Must Have if They are in Kolkata During the Festivities

Durga Puja in Kolkata is not just a religious festival. It is a deeply sensorial experience that sees the city reverberate to the rhythmic beatings of the dhak, mingled with the sound of conch shells and sounds of chants interspersed with the kanshor and a hundred different cacophonies.

Navratri 2019: दिनांक और अनुसूची

महत्वपूर्ण अवसरतिथिदिनांकदिन
प्रतिपदादिन 129 सितंबर 2019गुरुवार
द्वितीयादिन 230 सितंबर 2019शुक्रवार
तृतीयादिन 331 सितंबर 2019शनिवार
चतुर्थीदिन 41 अक्टूबर 2019रविवार
पंचमीदिन 52 अक्टूबर 2019सोमवार
षष्ठीदिन 63 अक्टूबर 2019मंगलवार
सप्तमीदिन 74 अक्टूबर 2019बुधवार
अष्टमीदिन 85 अक्टूबर 2019गुरुवार
नवमीदिन 96 अक्टूबर 2019शुक्रवार
दशमीदिन 107 अक्टूबर 2019शनिवार

Navratri 2019: Schedule

Important OccasionDateDay
Pratipada, Day 129 September 2019Thursday
Dwitiya, Day 230 September 2019Friday
Tritiya, Day 331 September 2019Saturday
Chaturthi, Day 41 October 2019Sunday
Panchami, Day 52 October 2019Monday
Shashthi, Day 63 October 2019Tuesday
Saptami, Day 74 October 2019Wednesday
Ashtami, Day 85 October 2019Thursday
Navami, Day 96 October 2019Friday
Dashami, Day 107 October 2019Saturday

इस  साल,  नवरात्रि  29  सितंबर  से  शुरू  होती है  और 7  अक्टूबर  को  समाप्त  होती  है, और  10  वां  दिन  विजयदशमी और दशहर   8 अक्टूबर  को  पड़ता  है।


भारत   के  पूर्वी  और  उत्तर-पूर्वी  राज्यों  में,  उत्सव  को  दुर्गा  पूजा  के  रूप  में  जाना जाता  है।  ऐसा  माना  जाता  है,  कि  देवी  दुर्गा जिन्हे  महिषासुर मर्दिनी के  नाम  से भी जाना  जाता  है,  जो  राक्षस  महिषासुर  से  युद्ध  करती  थी  और  विजयी  हुई। यह  तब है  कि उस  दिन  को  दिव्य  देवी  के  सम्मान  के  लिए  चिह्नित  किया  गया  और उसके  बाद  मनाया  गया।

In the eastern and north-eastern states of India, the celebration is referred to as Durga Puja. It is believed, that Goddess Durga also known as Mahishasur Mardini battled with demon Mahishasura and emerged victoriously. It is then that the day was marked to honor the divine Devi and celebrated, thereafter.

The occasion of Durga Puja is celebrated with thousands of temporary stages called Pandals where the idol of Goddess Durga is placed for her followers to offer their prayers and seek blessings. On the first day of the festival, Mahalaya begins with remembering Durga. It marks the end of the period of Shradhh or Pitri-Paksha.

This year, Navratri begins on September 29 and ends on October 7, and the 10th day that is Vijayadashami and Dussehra falls on October 8.

Honorable Home Minister Sri Amit Shah inaugurates his Maiden Durga Puja Pandal at Matri Mandri, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi.

Delhi: Pandals with magnificent images of Durga being set up in Delhi’s CR Park

CR Park  दिल्ली  में  दुर्गा  पूजा  के  सबसे  प्रसिद्ध  और  लोकप्रिय  स्थानों  में  से  एक हैं।  जगह  को मिनी-कोलकाता  के  रूप  में  जाना  जाता  है। लोग  पंडालों  के  रूप  में  ज्ञात  अस्थायी चरणों  के  साथ  दुर्गा  पूजा  मनाते  हैं। इस  वर्ष  अधिकांश  भक्तों  ने  रचनात्मक पर्यावरण-अनुकूल  थीम  पंडाल  बनाया हैं। भोग के लिए मेनू में, इस साल व्यंजन  जिसमें  गोबिंदो  भोग  चावल  और  सोआना  मूंग दाल  (कोलकाता से), बेगानी,  लाबरा  (मिश्रित सब्जी)  पायेश,  शाही पनीर,  मिठाई,  हलवा,  आदि  के  साथ बनाई  गई  बंगाली  व्यंजन  खिचड़ी  शामिल  होगी।

Supriya Bhattacharya committee chairperson of Organisation said, “This year we are expecting more than 5,000 devotes on each day, Saptami, Ashtami, and Navami. To maintain the ecosystem this year we will be distributing bhog in special plates made of betel leaf.”

Honorable Minister of Women and Child Development, Smt Smriti Irani visited Matri Mandir Sarbojanin Durga Puja Samiti Safdarganj Enclave to seek blessing and offers prayers. All the Puja Committee members of this Samiti are women.

West Bengal: Durga Puja Pandal made of letterboxes invokes nostalgia

The entire project is a story of a letter from letterboxes to its evolution into an email. The entire Pandal has been beautifully decorated with old typewriters, lanterns, phones, landlines, gramophones, and pendulum clocks! The trams, the rickshaw, the letterboxes, and every little thing are just beautiful. It’s amazing to see their creativeness.

Durga puja pandal
Durga puja pandal

Yasser, presently in charge of the Puja Pandal, said, “We are showing old Kolkata turning into a new Kolkata. So, when you enter, you see a lot of letterboxes here, you see a musician installation where he is playing an instrument and all the mice going out of the city. So, basically we are trying to show that in today’s world, technology is everywhere. You have mobile phones, all the equipment, gadgets and everything like the iPad, computers and all. So, with all these things, the old flavor of Kolkata is what we are missing out. Our artist Anirban Das and our team decided to turn the old Kolkata into a new form.”

A Pandal hopper Rajdeep said, “First, we are Bengalis and Durga Puja is very close to our hearts. This Pandal has brought nostalgia. The way it showed all the elegant things of the north Calcutta, it’s just amazing.”

Liliput and Gulliver have come to Kolkata for Durga Puja

Kolkata, city of joy celebrating Durga Puja with

एफडी ब्लॉक दुर्गा पूजा पंडाल बच्चों के लिए और उन लोगों के लिए किया गया है जो बचपन की अखंड खुशी को याद करते हैं और उन दिनों को फिर से जीना पसंद करेंगे।

eco-friendly theme Pandals
Liliput and Gulliver: eco-friendly theme Pandals

The entire Pandal has been beautifully decorated with the theme of reliving Childhood integrity. The star attraction being Lilliput and Gulliver from the unforgettable Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift.

FD Block Durga Puja Committee in the Salt lake area set a creative theme Pandal has been done for children and for those who remember the unbroken joy of childhood and would love to relive those days.

Delhi: Environment protection Theme Pandal in Delhi

दिल्ली का यह पंडाल इस दुर्गा पूजा में मूर्तियों को बनाने के लिए अपशिष्ट पदार्थों को पुनर्चक्रित करता है|

Pandal in Delhi is of recycling waste material
Durga Puja Pandal in Delhi is of recycling waste material

This Pandal in Delhi is recycling waste material to make idols this Durga Puja

“This year the theme of our puja is the recycling of waste materials to promote environmental awareness. We didn’t want to pollute the Yamuna and these idols will not be immersed. The idea to create idols out of recycled material was of our society member Pinaki Ranjan Saha, and the work was executed by sculptors Mithu Chakraborty and Debasish Mishra,” said Kalyan Karmakar, joint secretary of the society.

The idea is to promote environmental protection awareness even in festivals, as all the puja rituals are performed on the clay ideal of Durga in a smaller size.

“We want to promote the cause of environment protection even in festivities and we strive hard to minimize the use of plastics in our events.

We are looking for space in a government museum or in a private collector’s place to keep and display this artwork after the puja days,” said society’s secretary Prasun Dutta.

Navratri 2019 begins on September 29 and ends on October 7, and the 10th day that is Vijayadashami and Dussehra falls on October 8.

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