Lakshmi Agarwal Splashes Out of Getting 13 Lakhs for “Chhapaak” Movie

Lakshmi Agarwal Splashes Out of getting 13 Lakhs for Chhapaak Movie – Lakshmi Agarwal The Acid Attack Survivor

In the upcoming year 2020, the Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone is coming up with the new film named “Chhapaak”. The trailer of the movie is released and everybody is liking it.  The film will release next year on the date of 10th of January 2020. Now Deepika Padukone is busy promoting his movie everywhere. Many people are praising Deepika’s acting role in the movie.

In Social media, there is a rumor that the acid attack girl Lakshmi Agarwal is getting 13 lakhs.  She is denying by saying that the news coming in social media is absolutely wrong. The acid attack survivor girl shared a screenshot of the news reports on Instagram. On the post of Instagram, Lakshmi wrote, ‘This is absolutely false news’.

Lakshmi Agarwal has called this social media news a rumor. Lakshmi is very much angry about this news. We have shared an Instagram post screenshot below.

Lakshmi Agarwal The Acid Attack Survivor

Story of Chhapaak Movie – Chhapaak is a true incident based film on a Delhi girl Lakshmi Agarwal. Deepika Padukone is playing the lead role of Lakshmi Agarwal the Acid Attack Survivor girl in the film. Vikrant Messi is also playing an important role in the film. Deepika has played an awesome role; she completely adapted herself for this role by saying that I was living this character.

Directed By – Meghna Gulzar

Produced By – Deepika Padukone

Cast – Deepika Padukone/ Vikrant Messi

Release Date – 10th January 2020

Disclaimer – All the information is gathered from internet sources.

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