Cool Whats App Tips and Tricks – Infographic

Cool Whats App Tips and Tricks – Infographic

WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging service for smartphones. In February 2014, social network Facebook acquired WhatsApp for 19 billion U.S. dollars.

Cool Whats App Tips and Tricks - Infographic
Why can’t you install the application on your Android Smartphone?

The application was created for Android smart phones, but it doesn’t work on versions older than 2.1. Check your Android version – Go to Settings > About Phone.

Cool Whats App Tips and Tricks - Infographic1. Mute group chats and notifications

On Android –
On a group chat- tap the Menu button- hit Mute – choose the time-frame for the group to be muted.

On iPhone –
Open Group Chat, tap the group subject to reveal the Group Info screen, and tap Mute. Now, select time for notification to be muted.

Cool Whats App Tips and Tricks - Infographic2. Find out who has read your message in a WhatsApp group

On Android
Do a long press on a message sent by you. > This reveals an ‘i’ with a circle around it. > Tapping on it will show you who the message was delivered to, and read by.

On iPhone
See the Message Info screen by opening a chat with a contact or a group, then swiping your message from the left to right to see delivery and read notifications.

3. Disable media to save on cellular bandwidth

On Android
Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Media Auto-Download

On iPhone
Go to WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Media Auto-Download.

Cool Whats App Tips and Tricks - Infographic4. Disable Last Seen and Read Receipts blue ticks

Your last seen timestamp, profile photo and status message can be toggled between ‘Everyone’, ‘My contacts’, and ‘Nobody’ in Settings > Account > Privacy on both iPhone and Android.

5. Send a broadcast message

On Android
Tap on Menu > New Broadcast > Select all the contacts

On iPhone
Tap the Broadcast Lists button > Tap New List > filter from your contact list and > Tap Create.

Cool Whats App Tips and Tricks - Infographic6. Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages

On Android
Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Backup Conversations

On iOS,
Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup

7. Migrate to a new number

On Android
Tap on Menu > Settings > Account > Change Number

On iPhone
Go to Settings > Account > Change Number > Enter your old phone number in the first box, and your new phone number in the second box.

Cool Whats App Tips and Tricks - InfographicSome Common Tips About WhatsApp

1. Change Background Image

To change WhatsApp background image,

Go to settings > Chat Settings and > Click Wallpaper.

2. Files that you can send on WhatsApp

Any media file of up to 16MB: photos, videos, audio files and map location and contact details.

3. Blocking contacts

Tap on the three dotted button for Options, and then tap on more and Block.

4. Profile Pictures of your Contacts

Go to micro SD card > WhatsApp > Profile Pictures. Here you can have all profile pictures with their mobile number as image name.

5. Shortcuts for Contacts on Home screen

Go to WhatsApp contacts list, then long-press on the contact of whose shortcut you need to appear on the home screen. Click on the Add Conversation Shortcut button.

6. Transfer Conversation

Long press on conversation and select Email Conversation. You have an option to exclude media as well. Conversation will be sent as a text file.

7. Adding international contacts

When adding an international number to your phonebook, add the country code in front of the number. For example, +51 is for Peru.

8. Explore hotspots around you

Tap on the Send location icon in the attachment pane to explore interesting hotspots around you. You’ll find everything from local tech start ups to restaurants, marked as blue dots.

Cool Whats App Tips and Tricks - InfographicFor More info Click Here

Cool Whats App Tips and Tricks - Infographic

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