Bihar Boat capsizes in Mahananda river, 7 bodies recovered & 50 Missing in River, Rescue team in progress

Major incident on Bihar-Bengal border: overturned boat over Mahananda; 50 missings, five bodies found (बिहार राज्य के महानंदा में पलटी ओवरलोड नौका, 28 को बचाया, 7 शव मिले)

Bihar Boat Capsizes – बिहार पश्चिम बंगाल सीमावर्ती क्षेत्र में गुरुवार रत बड़ी नौका दुर्घटना (Boat Tragedy) हुई । करीब 80 यात्रियों से भरी ओवरलोड नौका महानंदा नदी (Mahananda River) में पलट गई । दुर्घटना में मारे गए पांच लोगों के शव निकाले जा चुके हैं। जबकि, 28 लोगों को बचाया जा चुका है। दुर्घटना में करीब 40 लोग नदी में लापता हो गए थे।

Bihar, 3rd October 2019; A large boat accident (Boat Tragedy) took place on Thursday night in the Bihar-West Bengal Border Area. An overloaded boat filled with about 80 passengers overturned in the Mahananda River. The bodies of the five people killed in the accident have been recovered. However, 28 people have been rescued. About 40 people are reported missing. Rescue [NDRF] team is still in the process to recover more people.

One of the dead was a resident of Katihar in Bihar. Many of the missing people are also being reported from Bihar. The cause of the accident was the high level of the Mahananda River and the sailor lost control of the boat.

Flood-affected Bihar suffering, Boat Tragedy on Bihar-Bengal border over Mahananda river. The boat filled with 80 people overturns in Mahananda River, 5 bodies recovered, 28 people rescued

boat tregedy on Bihar-Bengal border
बिहार: कटिहार के पास महानंदा नदी में पलटी नाव, 7 लोगों की मौत, 50 लापता

Five bodies have been recovered so far

According to the information received, five people have been confirmed dead so far in a boat accident in the Mahananda River at Mukundopur in Ithari police station area of ​​Malda, West Bengal, at 7.30 pm on Thursday. However, more than 40 people are reported missing. The National Disaster Force (NDRF) team has so far saved 28 people from drowning. The search for the rest continues. The death toll is expected to increase.

बिहार में महानंदा नदी में गुरुवार शाम एक नाव पलटने के बाद जहां 50 लोगों के लापता होने की खबर मिली है, वहीं इस हादसे में अब तक 7 लोग अपनी जान गंवा चुके हैं। हादसे के बाद मौके पर पहुंची पुलिस और रिलीफ टीमों ने यहां बड़ा सर्च ऑपरेशन शुरू किया है।

Boats were taking the bikes in it

The boats were taking the bike in it. According to local people, besides 80 people, many motorcycles were also being taken by boat. The overloaded boat filled with about 80 passengers and motorcycles overturned in the Mahananda River on Thursday night.

People were returning after watching boat Race

The Mahananda River passes through the districts of North Dinajpur and Malda (Malada). The river has a Boat Race every year. This year also a race was organized, seeing the boat of people returning home overturned in the river.

Divers in search of missing people

आफतरूल इमाम [Aafatrul Imam], head of Gulanderpur Gram Panchayat-2, said that so far three bodies have been extracted from the river. Officers of Uttar Dinajpur and Malda district administration and police have reached the spot with the divers. The divers are searching for the missing people.

Some people from Bihar were also in the Boat

The boat was opened from West Bengal’s Jagannathpur Ghat (Jagannathpur Ghat) to Katihar. Most of the people aboard the boat were from West Bengal. However, some people from Bihar were also in it. According to the information released by the Bengal administration, Began (70), a resident of Nalsar, located in the Abadpur police station area of ​​Katihar, died of drowning. The boats were taking the bike in it. According to local people, besides 80 people, many motorcycles were also being taken by boat. Pawan Mandal, a sub-divisional officer of Awadpurpur police station and Barsoi in Bihar, is monitoring the situation.

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