10 Bollywood Stars who said No for On-Screen Kissing

Some know faces who strictly adhered to their thin line of “no-kissing”.

In a film enterprise in which kissing on display was once a taboo till current years, the sudden shift of an on-screen kiss turning into a said norm has taken actors through shock. Most Bollywood actors had been extraordinarily headstrong of their ideals – at the same time as some agree with it to be a fundamental a part of their profession, others have stuck to different techniques to relay the identical tale.

List of 10 Bollywood Stars prohibited On-Screen Kissing

Salman Khan

Salman maintaining his no-kissing clause as he refuses to fasten lips with any actress onscreen, and reputedly appears down on actors who do it as he once said, ‘I don’t have respect for people who kiss onscreen.

Shilpa Shetty

Notorious clinch with Richard Gere may also have gone down in records. But since 2 decades of her carrier, Shilpa followed the no intimate kissing scenes in the B Town.

Tamanna Bhatia

Tamanna Bhatia ones stated “I don’t kiss on screen and nor will I ever don a bikini. I have followed it so far and continue to do so.”


Asin, a popular south Indian actress one said “Not too comfortable kissing onscreen,”

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi has earned a reputation as the ‘Bharatiya Nari’ and with good reason. Sonakshi has a strict no onscreen kissing policy.

Kangana Ranaut

The Queen of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut also follows no onscreen kissing policy. She even rejected The Dirty Picture for its intimate scenes that finally went to Vidya Balan.

Riteish Deshmukh

Although the actor was a part of adult comedy Masti but Mr. Deshmukh refused the scripts demand of kissing his co-star. As, the actor was not comfortable showing intimacy on-screen.

Ajay Devgan

In a recent interview the actor revealed reason of saying no to on-screen kissing, Ajay said “Most of the scripts I choose are aimed at a family audience. Given this, doing an on-screen kiss or showing intimacy beyond a certain limit doesn’t work,”

Tusshar Kapoor

Tusshar Kapoor was not comfortable doing on-Screen Kissing scenes with any co-star.

Fawad Khan

This Pakistani actor goes by his Pakistani fans’ wishes. Since Pakistan is the Islamic Republic and an extremely conservative country, Fawad Khan might land in trouble if he does any on-screen kissing scene.

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